I’m working on my collection of photographs and photo re-touching for my portfolio. These are a few of my favorites. I really enjoyed working with Boheme Tribal. I spent the day with them and have so many photographs I’ve not even begun to work on. The other work was mostly done with my friend designer Bethany. She makes some lovely costumes and hair to die for. The blonde imp at the bottom center is my niece. I think this was her second week in Michigan, and I dragged her right into dress up. 😉 First row, model is actress Charly Bovina with styling by Bethany Grenier. Second row, a collaboration with Lex Machina and Bethany Grenier. Models are Holly and Erica. Photography by Lex with styling and outfits by Bethany. Photo retouching by me. Third row, Boheme Tribal Dance troupe photographed by me.