This is a small sampling of my art portfolio. At the start are links to art collections. After that are different examples of my various styles. Some of these pieces are from my fiction and when there are related samples online the image will link to it. My commissioned work can be found in my resume. My work is primarily fantasy based with heavy emphasis on the neo Victorian, steampunk, and pinup genres. A warning: There is nudity in some of my work. Much of my current work is geared towards full collections used for collectable card decks such as tarot and lenormand. My somewhat more mundane commercial work I don’t keep in my online portfolio but is available by request. My first
art book was published a few years ago and can be picked up here. It contains work spanning the first fourteen years of my career and features a foreword by Joachim Luetke, one of the artists who has influenced me greatly over the years. Much of my work is portrait style and yes (I’m asked this quite a bit) I can be commissioned to do portraits for someone in this style. Just send me an inquiry. The Black Ibis Collection
COLLECTION: The Black Ibis The Butterfly Circus Collection
COLLECTION: The Butterfly Circus The Black Cat & Poisoned Tea Society
COLLECTION: Black Cat/Poisoned Tea Society The Sepia Stains Collection
COLLECTION: Sepia Stains The Bete Noire Collection
COLLECTION: Bete Noire The Isidore Collection
COLLECTION: The Isidore Tarot The Dread Captain
ART: The Dread Captain Cirque A Circa I
ART: Cirque A Circa I Etta Diems Enchanted Shears
ART: Etta Diem’s Enchanted Shears Papa's Pets
ART: Papa’s Pets Li in the Music Room
ART: Li in the Music Room The Gray Dancer
ART: The Gray Dancer Lux in the City
ART: Lux in the City Cirque A Circa II
ART: Cirque A Circa II The Wormwood Queen
ART: The Wormwood Queen Dark Halls
ART: Dark Halls Heliaphobe
ART: Heliaphobe The Gate
ART: The Gate Halloween
ART: Halloween
COLLECTION: Pen and Ink Water Nymph
ART: Water Nymph

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