Bethalynne BajemaBethalynne Bajema was brought to this world some years past, spring-time-ish, in a dark ceremony using stolen languages since unspoken by man. From an early age she was taught sewing, story-telling, and unconventional warfare… all this in preparation of her foretold future as Dread-Overlord-And-Tailor. What prophecy could not see was the impact her older brother’s comic collection would have on her, and the siren songs of India ink, the arts, and the written word. These talents have since been nurtured and have been showcased in a variety of magazines, books, and nearly twenty years online.

Mixing equal parts Victorian horror, sepia erotica, clockwork logic and Industrial music, Bethalynne carves her dreams on the skins of Tibetan holy men before transferring their contents to the computer’s screen. Each meticulously rendered image is a window into a story: a visual sample of Bethalynne’s extensive library of original fiction and love of graphic novels.

Bethalynne currently resides in southern Ohio with her better half, artist Myke Amend, her green army, and their four fur-ball monsters Evilyn, Gremlin, Ghost, & Mau-lificent. She is art director and main shop-keep for her family’s small business The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. and regularly contributes new specialized card decks to their catalog of unique products. Recently she turned her extensive card making & reading knowledge to her project blog Attic Cartomancy.

Bethalynne’s work has also appeared in: Somerset Digitial Studio Magazine (artist spotlight & tutorial article) Weird Tales Magazine (featured artist), Dark Beauty Magazine (featured artist), Gothic Art Now (book, contributing artist), Vampire Art Now (book, featured artist), Fruit of the Secret God (from Santerineross, featured as writer), DREAM (from Santerineross, featured as writer), among other publications and books she serves as cover designer for.

At the start of autumn 2019 due to an unknown slow stomach bleed (from a fall two years back) Bethalynne went into multiple organ failure and spent the next six months in ICU immobile and battling back. She finally returned home February 2020 and after several months of physical therapy regained her health except for being left with end stage renal failure, with liver failure that soon followed. She’s currently enjoying her and her husband’s first home of their own and patiently waiting for a kidney & liver donor. She is currently not taking commissions. Her online sales go towards her towering medical debt so showing your support by investing in one of her available designs or books goes a long way to help keep that tower from reaching the moon. Many blessings!

CONTACT: eucalyptus.honeysuckle (at) | ONLINE: Eucalyptus & Honeysuckle – Attic Cartomancy / Instagram

Many thanks to John Galati for his contributions to my biography.

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