Quick Shoppe

My main shoppe is currently being updated with a new shopping cart. In the meantime I have some wonderful items that can be had through RedBubble. I’ve been buying tshirts and other things of my own and other artists workthrough them for years. They have really nice quality products–the tshirts are wonderfully soft. Below are my shoppe designs with some of my husband’s work tucked in there. Fairies, mermaids, and a lot of old timey stuff to be had. Please! Have a looks around. 🙂 *Sometimes my site gets irky with cell phones and doesn’t post previews for everything, so I have a basic page with links here for cell phones.

The Mermaid Literary Society by Bethalynne Bajema Scruff the Red by Bethalynne Bajema The Owl and Moon Society by Bethalynne Bajema
Tea Head Ted by Bethalynne Bajema Tips Von Tea by Bethalynne Bajema Bat Marty by Bethalynne Bajema