Monday Shorts: The Dreaming

Ver Sacrum Books - When Jupiter Sighs by Bethalynne Bajema When Jupiter Sighs Collection – The Dreaming

“The Sun is holding a grudge. He thinks when he sets over the horizon, when his back is turned, that his lady steps to the advances of another celestial body. Maybe the massive man of Jupiter asks her for a dance… maybe Saturn slips a ring upon her finger before placing his lips to her palm. I can hear her soft giggle, like a winter sigh, as she enjoys the attention. After all, she only has the company of her mate, truly his attention, when the night touches the day at dusk and at dawn. The time when morning’s colors of rose and yellow come bleeding through onto the deep blue velvet curtain of night. Maybe this is why that time is so odd, so foreboding. Maybe we can all feel the tension between the ancient lovers in the sky. I would tell him to step back, step away, no Sun could match the love Jupiter could offer. He would be my prince if it were my choice.”

The Dreaming, a short story in which we take a moment to visit the dream and an artist dreams of the simple and strange things an artist dreams of. Read the full story here. This book is available for free download or book purchase here.