Monday Shorts: Sunflowers

When Saturn Yawns - A Collection of Short Stories by Bethalynne Bajema When Saturn Yawns Collection – Sunflowers

“Not straight through, but down through the voice had said. Keira reached for the small corn doorknob and pulled it instead of turning it. The woven door came open easily to reveal a space below that looked neither quite like a room that had been dug into the dirt, nor like a room being given access from a strange door actually much farther away. It was more like a mirror surface that was reflecting a room behind her. She could see her own reflection placing her within this room. When she turned to look behind her, expecting to see that room, there was nothing but the tall sunflowers gently moving with the wind.”

Water, a sample of a short story in which we meet a little girl who runs into old things in the middle of an old sunflower patch. Read the story sample here. More from this collection here.