Monday Shorts: A is for Auspicmoriscope

A is for Auspicmoriscope and the Asphodel by Bethalynne Bajema A is for Auspicmoriscope and the Asphodel

“In the late 1900’s at the height of the Spiritualist movement, Huxley Auspex took his place among the movement’s elite by creating and ushering into the world the auspicmoriscope. The fantastic claims of this invention were simple: The user looked into the eyepiece and turned the handle and the spirit realm became visible within the instrument’s view finder.”

A is for Auspicmoriscope, a penny dreadful where we meet inventor Huxley Auspex and come to find that not all inventions are created equal. Read the full story here. This book is available for free download or book purchase here.