This Day was a Day

Today has been a long day and I achieved only a third of the things I needed to achieve. It started with a six am trek to the water closet only to find there was a tiny ant invasion coming in through a crack in the bathtub caulking.

I am, to my own detriment sometimes, anti-killer of anything. I get choked up when I have to prune my plants. I chalk this up to having spent so much of my younger life around so much visual ick, death, and general darkness. After a lot of horrible experiences in life, my empathy button is set to “OH THE HORROR OF THIS WORLD” so I don’t like killing anything. I have an especially strong love of insects to boot. So I don’t like having to kill them. However, the tiny ant swam in the bathroom was beyond my rounding them up and taking them outside. I also can’t abide by material killing, eating, or dirtying in my household. I had to be a bit more aggressive with them. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. This sent me back to sleep with ill thoughts on the brain.

Upon waking I set to the task of getting my shoppe stuff in order. First I ran out of shipping boxes in all sizes. Next my shipping tape and label spray adhesive died. Then I hit the bottom of my “extras” box, so I couldn’t throw in any of my traditional mini prints with my thank-you notes. So I needed to go to the store. This was alright because I already had a shop trip planned mid-day with my gent’s mum, but before I got to that into-the-world-trek the bathroom exploded with the tiny ants again.

The day got away from me after that in strange ways that don’t need a blog outline of. What the hell… *strange expression face that follows* enough so that right now I’m tucking this into my blog while I calm down watching a Reds game. Strange, strange day. Highlights that don’t suck though? The Wonder Woman trailer looked awesome. I was able to give my gent’s mum the most incredible gift of boozy gourmet shmores. And I had a chance to chat with my dad for a bit before everything went south. I will take my victories.

On that note, I so need to sleep. We’re still catching up from the past few weeks (this last weekend being an exclamation point on that time) and combating a little convention crud… oh wait, I’m sorry… Egbert, for those who read my blog. I am exhausted though. Tomorrow I catch up on my shoppe orders in earnest. (Holy heck! Speaking of which… my shoppe was lovingly attacked this weekend with orders. I had to do another special deck order to catch up so that I don’t get behind.) And then so much to do. We’re doing weekend shops this summer for my shoppe (sorry, I spell them differently) and there is so much that goes into planning that. So much inventory needs! It’s wonderful and draining all in one big beautiful moment.

Yet as I leave you… have you noticed? YES!! I’ve cleaned up and updated all my sites to make them a little more pretty, easy to move through, and connected. I’ve got a handful of small things to do, but overall? I’m really pleased. I’m a little closer to my goal of having all my sites clean, united, and easy to navigate and move through! However, right now? I’m going to happily sip a Twisted Cherry Tea (make me a teaspokeswoman!) and finish this Reds game and go to bed. See you in the AM!

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