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So I’ve pretty much been useless for most of autumn. The last lingering issue from my accident was my eye issues, but thankfully my eyes are coming back to full strength. So I’ve been catching up on things on the to do list. First up was the Isidore Tarot. I gave the website a bit of a facelift to go along with the release of the third edition of the deck. You can check out the site here. As for the new deck…
The Isidore Tarot Third Edition Pre-Sale

For the third edition I removed the white borders on the cards and made them full bleed. I brightened up the card colors a little as well. My king and queen of cups have become my packaging mascots. You can check out the deck or pick one up until Feb 24th.
The Isidore Tarot Sea and Sand Spring Special Edition

And just to keep with the busy, I also took the deck and retouched the cards to change the rose and golds to blue-teals and sand. This is a special edition for spring I titled the Spring and Sand Spring Special Edition. It’s not a limited edition, but like the autumn edition before it, it’s only available for a limited time during the spring months. You can check that out here. 😉

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