Oh Hi. I Forgot You Were Here.

Oh my little site blog, how I have not paid you enough attention. I’m not sure too many people actually visit websites anymore, do they? When last I was here I was pining for my gent who was back in Ohio while I visited Michigan. In my defense my attic shoppe takes up a lot of my time. When not chasing my tail with that I’m trying to be creative and juggle my normal assortment of projects. I’m really liking my Ink and Blood lenormand project, but my Orange Moon Oracle is getting much bigger feed back through my sites. I’ve also started a personal project about aliens. Alien mermaids actually. Why not, right? Myke and I are also (only after a decade of being engaged) planning our wedding next month. Just something sweet and simple. Our friend Ted is marrying us and my big brother and my new sis-in-law are acting as our witnesses and best man and maid of honor. Fun stuff! I may even post wedding photos now that I don’t feel like Godzilla after hitting every step down with his face. Good times. 😉

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"They changed the rules of the fairy tale. I'm no longer just the eccentric niece, now I'm the full blown spooky aunt. So come on! Take your best shot Mary Poppins!" I'm sure Julia said that in that one pin heady movie. Or maybe this is just my take on it.