Mask Challenge Accepted! Now! Fight!

The first convention of the year is coming up and I decided I wanted to devote time to making a costume for it. Honestly, I have an outfit my friend helped me make back in the day we dubbed the Bee Queen. Mostly because it’s black and gold and massive and when first worn I had a bee-centric crown with it. And some crazy big hair. I toned it down afterwards and was happy to blend into the background and let my table and art be the thing to look at.

This year I just wanted to have more fun with it. I think it started last October when I was brooding over the fact that I was still banged up enough from my fall that autumn delights were not as great as the previous year. So when the holiday passed and all Halloween items went on sale, I scooped up a ridiculous amount final clearance items. This included masks and floral headpieces. (Seen here with my wig to give it a little extra wookie touch.)

Bajemas Web Cosplay

Much of it sat in my attic work room to chatter between themselves without me giving them notice. But I had an idea for them. Granted, it would take many months to finally drag them out and get to it. I am happy to say though – once I started tinkering it all kind of fell into place. TO BEE CONTINUED

Bajemas Web Cosplay Bajemas Web Cosplay