Lumberjack Man

Lumberjack Man – Horribly hilarious and I mean that in a good way. Doug should have been Crispen Glover. Stoner chunky guy in flannel should have been Silent Bob. So many ridiculous gratuitous tits and ass moments. Still incredibly funny. A supernatural and upset (tree faced) lumberjack seeks revenge in a wooded area by collecting the blood of some hapless Christian camp counselors to cover his flapjacks. No, seriously, that’s the point of the movie. It doesn’t even try and be serious and good on it for that. Micheal Madsen (Mr. Blonde in younger years) is doing his best Bruce Campbell throughout. This is a really good crap night hur hur movie. It just officially ended and I say “You don’t know what pancakes is” and wow… a complete piece of enjoyable horror cinema trash. I loved it! Oh yeah, I think Chef makes an appearance.