It’s like, so dark… totally…

So I have a serial fiction I’ve been working on, putting out into the world, and other stuff. When I try to sum it up I say “Vern’s Great Race meets Lovecraft wonderfully dark messed up stuff meets the hyper surreal blender of my mind with some scary HBO first season True Detective because damn! Finally twig puzzles are creepy again! … and that my friends is a tough sell to people who don’t know me. That aside, I’ve been using my “relaxing moments” to collage scenes from it… and yes, that sounds pssssbbssst. And they’re not evil or dark. So you should look at these collage snapshots into my brain is having a Lovecraftian horror chasing them down! CHASING! Or such. Err, how is your evening? I swear the dark is in there!

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"They changed the rules of the fairy tale. I'm no longer just the eccentric niece, now I'm the full blown spooky aunt. So come on! Take your best shot Mary Poppins!" I'm sure Julia said that in that one pin heady movie. Or maybe this is just my take on it.