I’m coming for you spider!

I can almost picture that eight legged fiend as he moved through my bedroom in the middle of the night. There the gent and I lay happily snoring away. The gent is probably dreaming about spending the weekend in the world’s scariest forest with nothing but a knife and wearing a loincloth. I do believe I was dreaming about living in a strange community that exists in a three level warehouse. And there, somewhere in the shadows, lurks that little arachnid bastard. After he struck? Two bites on my right arm.

I have spider allergies, but as I’ve grown older this allergy has become less and less. So my two bites were warm and annoying, but that was about it. However, come the next day my arm was swelling and seeping from the bites. I was going to do a watch and wait thing, keeping the bites clean. When my gent got home and looked at my arm he told me we were going to Urgent Care.

So, long story short, I have a staph infection in my arm. The bites allowed access and I’ve been getting over the flu so a bit of a weakened system to boot. I’m glad I got it checked out though. I’m on two antibiotics for the next couple weeks. Hopefully it clears up quickly. Bastard spider! After meeting Frederick the Fruit Fly Slayer I thought we had an understanding.