Get Yer Flying Tea Trays in the Sky

The second edition of the Tea Bats Lenormand is on sale Nov 11th until Dec 1st! I love this deck, really I do. I don’t know if it’s me mellowing as I get older or that I spent so many years focusing on spooky women as art, that I’ve been needing a whimsical outlet. Who knows. Like all my decks it was a labor of love that kept my focusing. Please help out an artist so she can feed her cats, so to ensure said cats don’t get upset and eat her, so that I might live another day and not turn into a headline that reads eccentric artist lady found eaten by three pissed off felines, and buy a deck!
The Tea Bats Lenormand Deck

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Published by Bajema

"They changed the rules of the fairy tale. I'm no longer just the eccentric niece, now I'm the full blown spooky aunt. So come on! Take your best shot Mary Poppins!" I'm sure Julia said that in that one pin heady movie. Or maybe this is just my take on it.