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The Steampunk Symposium convention’s theme this year is Superheroes and Villains. The 2017 con was my first year to provide the event’s logo, graphics, and their new mascot the automaton Bly. This year Myke and I revamped the con’s website design and mascot Bly got to get her cosplay on. A variety of different versions of Bly (as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Raven, Poison Ivy, Harly Quinn, Catwoman, and more) will grace the con’s tee shirts and event posters.

I haven’t done a lot of cartoonish or comic book style art since I retired my Foxglove and Colorado comics more than a decade ago. So it was a bit of a pain in the ass to re-learn the style to create Bly last year. Since doing so she’s been a lot easier to draw, even more so with the comic book costumes to put on her. It’s been rather entertaining. Some preview villains…
Bajema Villains

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"They changed the rules of the fairy tale. I'm no longer just the eccentric niece, now I'm the full blown spooky aunt. So come on! Take your best shot Mary Poppins!" I'm sure Julia said that in that one pin heady movie. Or maybe this is just my take on it.