Amazingly Healed After the Dings

So as of my last post I was preparing to go in and have my face operated on. That surgery went very well. In fact, I just got back from my follow up appointment and my doctor was very pleased with my process. In three weeks time I’ve gone from torn up and shredded to ridiculously well healed. My knee is still healing and my eye is a pretty shiner, but otherwise you’d never know that I tried to take the left half of my head and body off via the stairwell. Color me tickled.

Now I finally get to stop thinking about my injuries and look forward to a business trip I’ve had planned with my gent for awhile now. This weekend we’re leaving for Boston for a large convention. Not one of our arty cons, but one for Myke’s actual day job–a place I get a freelancing with now and then. More than that, I get to see my dad for a little bit. I still hate flying and now I have to do it with a cane like a little old lady, but it’s all good. I’m just happy to have something non-doctor related to to look forward to.

The state of things: I’m putting my shoppe back online today. I still have only partial vision so me and the laptop screen are not really friends, but I can see well enough to get some stuff done. Halloween is fast approaching and that’s our season. Time to buck up and get back to the business at hand. Maggie took the contact form down for me while I was offline and hopeful Isidore seekers still poked about until they found a way to contact me about it. So I’m going to try and get that up at the very least. So off I scoot…

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