Such a long night and it ended all bloody

Well, not actually bloody… none was spilled. I spent the day updating sites (that still need further updating before they go live for those pages) and that to me is honestly enjoyable though tedious. I put on a marathon in the background (Darkness, Lords of Salem, some weird Canadian shows about weird stuff) and kept my head down and glued to the screen. Given I’ve been so useless with concentrating as of late, it was a good day. I finished it off with some new additions to my current deck project.

These are two more samples for my Ink & Blood Lenormand deck. It combines a variety of my favorite things that aren’t typically associated with Lenormand decks. If I didn’t mention it in a previous entry about this, the deck combines one of my artistic influences with trash polka style tattoos and Lenormand symbolism. I just love the stark colors and the sometimes simple graphics. I have three decks I’ve been fussing with, but this one has become my summer project. Anyhoo… snake and birds. More to come.

Bethalynne Bajema - Blood and Ink Lenormand Deck