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Madam Lydia has been seen again

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina
Madam Lydia has been seen lurking around my backyard pumpkin patch. She brings with her some Lydia decks for the Halloween season. A few things to keep in mind with this sale: I only have six decks physically on hand with an order of 60 currently printing. There have been shipping delays as of late so I have no firm date as to when these back-ordered decks will arrive. I cannot guarantee delivery before Halloween and given my health some back-orders may not reach their new homes till Thanksgiving or later depending how many orders I get–one woman shop and all. This sale is to allow deck adopters a chance to reserve a copy of the deck. Currently you can only buy this deck through me, tarot trading posts or if someone happens to give you theirs. There are no shops selling it wholesale from me and if you see one the deck is a fake. Keeping these things in mind, you can reserve a copy here. Pictured here is Acid Poptart from the wonderful photo-shoot we did where she brought Lydia to life. The sun helped a little too!!