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{ Self Published, Magazines, Publications, & Client Work }
  • International Steampunk Symposium 2017 / Graphic Design, Logo & Bly Automaton Character Art [x]
  • Disney Fine Art Collectables / Website design with Myke Amend [x]
  • Model A Restorers / Website design with Myke Amend [x]
  • The Attic Shoppe Halloween Tarot, Deck Designer / Published by The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. [x]
  • The Butterfly Circus Tarot, Deck Designer / Published by The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. [x]
  • Somerset Digital Studio Magazine / Tutorial, Autumn 2015 [x]
  • Somerset Digital Studio Magazine / Artist Spotlight, Spring 2015 [x]
  • The Tea Bats Lenormand Deck, Designer / Published by The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. [x]
  • The Isidore Tarot, Deck Designer / Published by The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. [x]
  • Airships & Tentacles: The Strange-Fiction Art of Myke Amend, 2013, Cover & Logo Designer [x]
  • Bajema�s Web / ret�ro�spec�tive 1998-2012, Personal Art Collection, 2013 [x]
  • Lowside, band cd cover/jacket design, 2012, [x]
  • The Parlour Trick, created a talking board for Meredith�s project. [x]
  • A.P. Underneath the Lamp Light, RPG: Cover & Contributing Artist, 2012-13 [x]
  • Frenchy & the Punk, Hey Hey Cabaret CD: Graphics work for cd, 2012 [x]
  • Abney Park Lyrics Book, Contributing Artist, 2012 [x]
  • Vampire Art Now, Ilex Press, Book: Featured Artist, 2012 [x]
  • Her Majesty�s Mysterious Conveyance, Echelon Press, Anthology: Cover Designer, 2012 [x]
  • Blood in the Skies by G.D. Falksen, Novel: Cover Artist, 2011 [x]
  • Dark Beauty Magazine, the Steampunk Issue, April/May 2011, Featured Artist [x]
  • The Black Tarot, Deck Designer, Self Published, [x]
  • The Super Punch Tarot Deck, the Lovers Card, 2010 [x]
  • The Sepia Stains Tarot, Deck Designer / Published by The Attic Shoppe Trading Company [x]
  • Steampunk Tales, Online Anthology: Cover Artist Issue Nine [x]
  • Sings With Stars, Bethany Grenier, Novel: Cover Artist
  • Gloomy Sunday, TPB: Self Published: Artwork
  • Cinemassacres, Book: Tarot card art of & bio for Dr Mangor [x]
  • Gothic Art Now, Book: Contributing Artist [x]
  • John Santerineross, Book: Fruit of the Secret God, Writer [x]
  • John Santerineross, Book: Dream, Writer [x]
  • Weird Tales Magazine, Spring 2009: Artist feature with my fiancee [x]
  • Sepia, TPB: Self Published: Art & Writing
  • Cthulhu Sex Magazine, I:23, 2002, Spooky Artists Group Feature
  • Cthulhu Sex Magazine, 2001, Featured Artist
  • Gothic Beauty Magazine, Issue 7, small blurb for Santerineross
  • Dark Realms Magazine, Issue 1, 2000, Featured Artist [x]
  • Taste of Midnight, Circlet Press, Anthology: Cover Artist [x]
  • Eklectique Zine, April 1999
  • Colorado, 1999, Rapid City Press, Comic Anthology: Writer & Artist
  • Capricorn, each issue (7), 5 covers, 1997/98
  • When Jupiter Sighs, Self Published: Anthology: Writer
  • Foxglove, A Hockey Comic Strip Collection, 1996, Rapid City Press, Comic Strip: Writer & Artist
  • Soul Chasm, Band: CD: Cover Artist
  • Butterfly on Angel Wings, 1992-1994, Marm Press, Comic: Writer & Artist

{ Art Shows, Conventions and Events }
  • International Steampunk Symposium VI, Cincinnati, OH, April 28-30, 2017
  • Madam Aubergine�s Mystical Tea, Lush Lapel w/Orange Moon Tea Society, Ypsilanti, MI, Fri, Oct 14, 2016
  • MCSCI, Occult Tea w/Orange Moon Tea Society, Detroit, MI, July 22, 2016
  • Motor City Steam Con I, Guest of Honor, Detroit, MI, July 22-24, 2016
  • International Steampunk Symposium IV, Cincinnati, OH, April 24-26, 2015
  • The Cincinnati Comic Expo Sept 19th-21st 2014 -Steampunk Bazaar
  • International Steampunk Symposium III, Cincinnati, OH, April 25-27, 2014
  • Boheme Tribal Belly Dance presents Ooky Spooky! Kzoo, MI, Oct 26, 2013
  • Avenue of the Arts Presents the Market, Division, GR MI, June 8, 2013
  • Featured Creatures: Movie Monsters Group Show, Ice Cream Gallery, GR MI, Thru May, 2013
  • Ancestral Art, Indigenous Voices, Group Show, Ice Cream Gallery, GR MI, Thru March, 2013
  • Freaky Tiki: Lowbrow Luau, Group Show, Ice Cream Gallery, GR MI, Thru Feb, 2013
  • International Steampunk Symposium II, Guest of Honor, Cincinnati, OH, April 26-28, 2013
  • SavageX, Shameless Grounds, St Louis MO, Dec 15, 2012
  • Free Radicals II, Ice Cream Gallery Presents �The Low Life�, GR MI, Nov. 2nd, 2012
  • Free Radicals I, Ice Cream Gallery Presents �The Low Life�, GR MI, Oct. 26th, 2012
  • Avenue of the Arts Presents the Market, GR MI, June 9th, 2012
  • The World Steam Expo III, Dearborn, MI, May 25-28, 2012
  • District VII Detroit Gallery Sat. Jan 28, 2012
  • International Steampunk Symposium, Cincinnati, OH, April 27-29, 2012
  • 100 Grand Show, Nice Gallery, GR MI, Dec 16, 2011
  • Ooky Spooky, ft. Tempest, Kalamazoo, MI. Oct 29, 2011
  • The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition, Sept 16-18, 2011
  • ArtPrize 2011, GR MI, Sundance Grill, Solo Exhibit, Sept/Oct 2011
  • Maker Faire Detroit, Henry Ford Museum, w/The Infernal Device, July 2011
  • Bizarre Bazaar, Eastown, MI, June 11th, 2011
  • Steampunk Chicago, the Polyphonic Panorama, June 4th, 2011
  • World Steam Expo II, Dearborn MI, May 2011
  • Super Punch Tarot Show, FL, March 2011
  • SteamCon II, Seattle WA, Art Show, October 2010
  • Gallery Provocateur, Chicago, 2010 Art Show
  • Destination 1111, GR MI, Oct 2010, Art Show
  • ArtPrize 2010, Cirque A Circa Group Exhibit, GR MI Sept/Oct 2010
  • World Steam Expo I, Dearborn MI, May 2010
  • SteamCon I, Seattle WA, Art Show, October 2009
  • HorrorFind Weekend, Baltimore, Art Show, 2007
  • Finally Fridays w/Voltaire, Featured Artist, Philadelphia, PA, 2002
  • Convergence 10, Chicago, Art Show, 2002
  • Chiaroscuro, Washington, D.C., Solo Exhibit x2
  • Echo Gallery, Chicago, 2001 Halloween Group Show

{ Internet Press }
  • io9, Review of Vampire Art Now [x]
  • Innsmouth Free Press, Interview
  • FlowGaleria, best in Flow, the Dream exhibit
  • Maxum Online, female artists (date?)
  • Scarlet Letters, featured artist (date?)
  • Venus or Vixen, featured artist Sept 2000
  • Eroticandy, artist spotlight Aug 2000
  • Artifacts, artifacts 3, now archived.
  • Closetland, featured artist, June 2000
  • Real Detroit Mag, the net version, archived
  • selfinflicted.com, gallery in the Self Infected section.
  • gothic.net, featured artist Feb/2000
  • Sistinas Featured Artist September 1999
  • Blood Moon Zine, Issue 3, Apparitions
  • Assembly X � FOTOS, czech pub.
  • Wired Hearts August 1999
  • Shadow Feast, Feb/March �99, Tattered Wings
  • The Intercourse of Angels, Issue 5, Featured Artist
  • Ianmoena Tempora, Featured in Art Section, 1999
  • Dark Angel, Issue 16, Featured Artist, 1999
  • Poisoned Psychosis, Featured October, 1999

{ Previous Web Design Clients }
  • John Santerineross, artist/photographer
  • Wendy Klein, mask maker, web designer
  • Lee Higgs, photographer, web design
  • Lewis Dennison, photographer, web design
  • Jane Pan, photographer, web design

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